Lighting provides elegance and excitement to your day.  Create the theme you love with our lighting options so you can give that special touch need.  We offer many lighting choices to help create the mood you want to turn your venue into something spectacular that you and your guests will remember!  Choose from uplights, under table, monograms, cake or table spotlights, room wash lighting, bistro lights and more! 



Normally placed around the exterior of the venue, uplighting lets you add color to the reception.  It gives the space additional texture and helps create that special mood you're trying to achieve.  From ballrooms to outdoor tents, uprights can help create the theme you want.

The Ballroom Village Inn lighting.JPG

Under Table Lighting

Under table lights make your tables literally glow! If you want something that makes people go, "Wow!" under table lights definitely make a statement.  Whether you want to make just the sweetheart table special or every guest table shine, we can accommodate you.


Bistro, Cake lighting, Monogram, etc

In addition to uplighting and under table, we have other choices like bistro lights, special lighting for the cake, monogram lights, dance floor lighting and other lighting selections that can be specially designed for your day.  Click below to see the pictures.